The Jenny Debut! (Photo Gallery)

The night of October 24th was a huge success, and we were all overwhelmed and deeply gratified to have such a great turnout. Snacks, wine, great music, an auction full of wonderful prizes and the amazing range of readings made our launch party one that we were proud to present and delighted to attend.

In addition to the great turnout, we were fortunate to be featured by members of the local media, including the YSU Jambar (which produced a video of our premiere) and

In case you missed it, we present here some photos from the Jenny premiere, all photographed by Megan Harris.  And remember:  We are now taking submissions for the Spring issue of Jenny!  Visit our Submission Guidelines page for details.

Click the “Continue reading” button for the full gallery of the launch at Dorian Books…

2 thoughts on “The Jenny Debut! (Photo Gallery)

  1. would like to do a fund raiser for The Jenny. I have tables to put out front for a book exchange. If some one could not find a book they wanted, they could get a $5.00 voucher to get a book(s) from the store.(most books are under $5.00). I would get the left overs. Plus I would donate 25% of additional books sales that day to Jenny. I would stay open late that day-I am thinking starting by 3 or 4 and keeping the store open until 9 or 10pm. Artists could sell their wares. Maybe some liive music. The soda fountain and entire store would stay open.
    I am open to suggestions. Any Fri.-Sat.-Sun might be best, maybe the Sun. before Memorial Day.
    Don Sutton, Market Square

    1. Don, this is so excellent of you to offer. I’m sure the team will be thrilled! I’ll communicate this to them immediately. We’ve been rushing around a lot preparing for this issue’s debut, but I think within a few weeks we could all sit down and plan something out. This would be amazing.

      -Dave Drogowski

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