Many thanks from the SLAA!

The Student Literary Arts Association would like to thank everyone who has helped make this Spring 2011 issue of Jenny a great success.  The Jenny launch party was as much fun for us as it was for you, and we thank all in attendance for joining us to celebrate.  And thank you for reading, as well:  We’ve had 4,205 page views just since March 30th.

Thanks to your many generous donations, we’ve raised funds that will enable us to expand what we’re able to achieve with Jenny.  These gracious gifts will be put to good use in the coming issues.  We are a nonprofit organization, so every dollar raised goes into expanding the magazine’s scope and capabilities, and we thank you for that.

Forthcoming will be a photo gallery for all those who weren’t able to join.  The event was also covered by Valley 24 and WYTV.

And don’t forget:  We’re currently accepting submissions (including photography, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) for the Fall 2011 issue.  You can read our submission guidelines for more details.

Thank you again.  This magazine is as much ours as it is yours.  We thank you for taking up this literary conversation with us.


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