Foreword: Issue 012

Welcome to Issue 12 of Jenny Magazine.

When I became head editor a year ago, I was determined to try something new with each issue of Jenny I was in charge of. So far we’ve held a 10-minute playwriting contest, which resulted in a permanent section added to the magazine, and created an issue made entirely of female-identifying artists. For Issue 12, we decided to read something a little different than we usually do: flash fiction. We received many bite-sized submissions for the contest, covering various genres and topics and stories, and we’re excited to share with you the top three pieces. They may be short, but they will linger in your mind.

Other pieces such as Carol Mullen’s play “We Gather Together,” Andy Myers’ story “To Make It Across Kansas You Need Enough Imagination to Ignore That You’re In Kansas,” Darlene Glass’ “Take My Picture,” and Coreen Schaefer’s poem “Chaos Theory” will also stick around long after you read them. This issue is full of treasures to experience.

As always, I am eternally grateful for my staff, our advisor Christopher Barzak, all who submit work to Jenny (past, present, and future), and you, our readers. I hope you enjoy Issue 12.

Jordan McNeil

SLAA President