Featured Artwork: Cindy Matthews

Cindy Matthews has been a chamber maid, potato peeler, data entry operator, teacher, and special education vice-principal. She writes, paints, and instructs online courses for teachers in her studio office in rural Ontario, Canada. Her writing has appeared in Jenny as well as other online and print magazines in Canada, USA, UK, South Asia, South Africa, and Australia.

Her approach to creating visual art is both exploratory and experimental. Her style tends to be loose, unstructured, and accommodating to the medium and her mood. She is most excited when a picture reveals itself through movement of the medium rather than commencing with a target in mind. She is most in awe of watercolor and inks, both having a mind of their own and a deliberately naughty attitude.

The rural landscape where she lives influences how she sees the world. She expresses herself with bold strokes and vibrant colors. Her paintings can be whimsical or sober depending on the day. During the long dark winters, she finds herself in a passionate affair with primary colors, defined textures, and brawny shapes. She’d rather suggest an image than be bleakly representational.

Find out more at cindymatthews.ca. She’s on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and sells prints and other fine art items through online stores at Art of Where, Montreal, Canada, and Fine Art America.