Issue 010, Spring 2016

Forewords: Issue 010

Issue 010 Staff

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Featured Artist

10-Minute Play Contest


“Confession Air”

by Matthew Konkel

Runner Up:

“Daughters of”

by Kat Meads



by Brianna Barnes


by Amber Palmer

The Cairn Builder

by Melissa Guthrie

The Skyline, 1988

by Marvin Shackelford

Some Kind of Death

by Jenny Hayes

Rain of Animals

by Joe Baumann

Creative Nonfiction

The Tuna Can

by Andy Harper

Second and Goal

by Tyler Perry

The Thrill is Gone

by William Ludt


Mazza’s Vignette #75

by Darren Demaree

I Open My Eyes to Dark

by Holly Day

History of Breaking Down

by Jenny Maxwell

In the Beginning

by Katlyn Whittenburg

Wild ‘n Running

by Beesan Odeh

Tree in November

by Elizabeth Lehman

Wood Song

by Jack Chastain