Foreword: Issue 008

Welcome to the 8th Issue of the Jenny.

This issue we ran our first contest, centered on speculative fiction. We received loads of wonderful submissions, and it was a really exciting read for our staff. We’re pleased to present the top three of these this issue, alongside the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction sent our way. “Mourning at the Lake of Impossible Trespass”, which took first place, follows Jemina as she searches out her isolated mother, and is ripe with beautiful imagery and told in an engaging and delightful voice. Vanessa Willoughby’s poetry “Beauty Tips” and “Alone with a View” have lines so sharp and so hard you could chip your teeth on them.

We here at the Jenny want to thank all of our submitters, and all of our readers, for their continued attention and support. Personally, having been editor and having the chance to read and share others stories has been one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Writing, storytelling, helps give context to ourselves and others. It creates worlds, it builds bridges, and has the power to transform the everyday into something unexpected, dazzling and sometimes even frightening (but in a good way). So, from me, personally, to all the past and future Jenny contributors, and all of our readers, I’d like to offer my gratitude.  Thank you for sharing your selves, and thanks for listening.

Over and out,

– Couri Johnson, President, SLAA