Issue 008, Spring 2015

Foreword: Issue 008

Issue 008 Staff

Jenny Magazine: Speculative Fiction Contest Winners

1st: Mourning at the Lake of Impossible Trespass

by Gwendolyn Edward

2nd: Anila, The Wind, and the Sea

by James E. Guin

3rd: Space

by Star Spider

Featured Artist

Claudia Gage


The Geese Chamber

by Amanda Miller

Here Among the Dead

by James Wolanyk

In the Cage

by Jim Meirose

City Year

by Katherine Robb

Mariam and the Isle

by R. F. Grant


Robbed of Misapprehension

by Edward Sullivan

Porch Cat

by Fiona Kelly

The Last Goodbye

by Helga Schierloh

My Closure

by Jordan McNeil

The Country Estate

by Stephanie Couey



by Daniel Cleary


by Aaron Graham

Fake Orchids

by Ace Boggess

Cat Festival

by Brian Flynn

From Gaza

by Fabiyas M.V.

She Smokes

by Michelle Moomau

Alone with a View,

Beauty Tips

by Vanessa Willoughby