Tell Them

Tell Them

by Jennifer Lenhardt

The soil loosens
its grip,
moves aside,
and the hands
sprout first,
an assisted birth,
the words
pull her from
the soil,
and she rises,
with sun
in her eyes
and rain soaked
then coughs
to fill the lungs
with oxygen,

“this is life,”
they tell her,
thrusting into
one hand ink,
the other parchment,
“tell them.”

“Jennifer Lenhardt currently resides in the North West near Portland, Oregon where she frequents many of the local coffee shops for inspiration. A lover of words, you will often find her on a daily basis with pen in hand, as she believes that with all arts, writing is as much a discipline as it is inspiration. Her most recent published work ‘Yellow Gold’ can be found at Alliterati Magazine , Issue five or, for more information about the author and her current works go to:

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