Issue 004 Sponsors

The YSU Student Literary Arts Association wishes to thank the following sponsors. Through the generosity of community sponsorship, Jenny is able to further our mission of connecting Youngstown to the world through the conversation of literature.

Many thanks to all those who made this issue possible.

Union Members (10-25)

Joseph and Claudia Campolito
Marie V. D’Altorio
Alfonso D’Altorio
Virginia Sikora
Giant Eagle (Liberty)
Alyssa Lenhoff
Andrew Bush
Christine Davidson
Alden Baumgartner and Katherine Darin
Diane Detesco
Karen Sanfrey
Kayla Jeswald
Dr. Steven Brown

Stokers (26-50)

Rulli Brothers West
Shakers Bar and Grille
Team BSS Training & Fitness
Gabrielle Hegyi
William and Rebecca Soldan
Connie D’Altorio
Sparkle Market (Boardman)
Mary Beth and Adam Earnheardt
Art and Joyce Burnett

Stove Tenders (51-100)
Michael and Wendy Szakacs
Braydich Dental

Skull Crackers (101-250)

James Cannon

Magnates (500-Up)

The Lemon Grove

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