The Umbrella Factory

by Kat Stewart

The people who work at the Umbrella Factory are extremely pessimistic people.
 They never had a hope in the world of being optimistic.
 Well, they did, but that’s another story and it’s been said they have all forgotten it anyway.
 The moment a person walks into the Umbrella Factory, they have their smile taken away and replaced with a silly putty frown that is super glued over their mouth.
 The corporate heads of the Umbrella Factory once tried to think of a better way to apply the frown but they quickly gave up after considering any other idea would probably fail, so, “what would be the use?” 
The people who work at the Umbrella Factory all seem to sport a similar shade of grey. 
It’s a grey similar to that of a freshly embalmed corpse (with lipstick of course).
 Mandarin Orange.
 At lunch, they all sit down in the break room that has one picture on the wall, of a cat, who seems to be smiling, running through a field of flowers. 
Since no one has use of their mouths, they all pull out a straw, place it into their shakes, provided by the company, and shove the straw through their silly putty frowns.
 And sip.
 And sip. 
And sip.
 Until it is all gone.
 Then they all get up and go back to work.
 At the Umbrella Factory, they make Umbrellas.
 The people who work at the Umbrella Factory are extremely pessimistic people.

Kat Stewart is a 17 year old hobbit of the sun sign Gemini and rising sign Sagittarius persuasion. She has lived in several places, from the frigid climate of Barrow, Alaska to the decrepit population of Clearwater, Florida. She believes that there is no better muse than watching people go about their days. She also finds it strange to talk in third person and yet…she does.

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