Jenny: Issue 002, Spring 2011

Forewords from the Student Literary Arts Association

Issue #002: Staff

New Feature:

SMARTSmag: Student writings from the SMARTS program at YSU


A Moment with Rebecca Barnhouse

Featured Photographer:

Afterhouse: Photographs by Hannah Woodroofe


“The Umbrella Factory”– Kat Stewart
“Catala” – Livia Llewellyn
“Idora” – Amanda Miller
“Relief Effort” – Greg Mook
“I Believe This Belongs to You” – Andy Wolverton


“Say It In Chinese” – Lori Jakiela
“Reflections of a Housecleaner” – Annie Murray
“Howlin’ in the Dark” – Jumal Andre Brown
“Doors” – William Flannigan
“Tom’s Time Machine” – Tom Pugh


“Before I Was Born” – Eleanore Shorey

“Keep Looking”,
“What I Don’t Remember”,
“Whistling” – Patrick O’Leary

“At The Event Museum”,
“Five Inches of Rain”,
“The Willing”,
“Wake”– Karen Schubert

“The Coin Operated Burglar Strikes Again” – Mary Biddinger

“Fastening” – Jack Mierzwa

“See the Dead Man” – Pam Anderson

“On the Line” – Tina Puckett

“Mudpie”– Sarah Burnett

“Black Sheets” – Judi Schepka

“Six Chimps and a Typewriter”,
“Less” – Bill Ebert

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