Sponsor Jenny


The YSU Student Literary Arts Association organizes the Youngstown Reading Series, holds open-mic readings, and is partnering with the Students Motivated by the Arts program. In addition, SLAA produces this literary magazine. With Jenny, the SLAA hopes to link voices in rustbelt literature, visual arts, and occasionally musical representations, with the wider world.

With your help, Jenny can accomplish this and much more. Help support Jenny by offering your sponsorship. All sponsorships help to further the arts in the Greater Youngstown metropolitan region. When you pledge support to Jenny, we’ll post your name or organization here with a link to your own site, should you have one.

In supporting the YSU SLAA, you help to ensure the future of our proud tradition, the telling of our stories, the connections we form by telling ours alongside those of others.

All checks can be made payable to YSU-SLAA, and can be sent to the following address:

Student Literary Arts Association
C/O Christopher Barzak
English Department
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555

We thank you for your support!

YSU Student Literary Arts Association