Three Crones Rest Lay

by Bronte Billings


a mattress sews your hands

into the seam

no sleeping      keep sores

fresh peachy bleed


the Moon is always heavy

yellow and full      of faces

talking craters chew out



sunken      heavy      resting

roll over in stuffing

stuffed      stitching skin feels

fire cold      in-between spinal cords

grinding bone on gravel

there is chatter quiet mouth

fuzz a mouse lives      hungry dry


all the insides are eaten     out

all the out        stays out

no more swallowing


a mattress spits

broken springs     to be     everything

shreds      go lily damp

white under bottom sole

no far walking   out breathes

dirty      sink in      sink in      sink in to eye wide

scissors to

thread spooling

Bronte Billings is a third year MFA candidate for the NEOMFA. She is a recipient of the 2015 & 2016 Academy of American Poets Prize and recent recipient of the 2017 Leonard Trawick Award. Bronte has work forthcoming in Bone Bouquet. Born and glued to Ohio, Bronte enjoys the alliteration of her own name, binge writing, and the full moon at 2am.