Foreword: Issue 013

Welcome to Issue 13 of Jenny.

The number thirteen is viewed as the most unlucky of numbers. Friday the 13th a day of horror and misfortune; buildings jumping from floor 12 to floor 14; airplanes placing row 14 after row 12. In our daily lives, we attempt to shield ourselves from the number and the havoc it supposedly can bring.

For our 13th issue, we here at Jenny decided instead to embrace it. We wanted to showcase superstition and folklore, tales of monsters and misfortune, hauntings of both ghosts and memories. In this issue, you’ll find true accounts, various descriptions of spectres from various cultures, poetry that will possess you completely. This issue should serve as a type of haunted house—worrying you and enchanting you and perhaps reveal to you some truth you were unknowingly searching for.

Welcome to Issue 13 of Jenny. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Jordan McNeil
SLAA President