Issue 009, Fall 2015

Foreword: Issue 009

Issue 009 Staff


Callie’s Pie

by Carla Damron


by Carter Maness

Flyover State

by Daniel Davis


by Dennis Roth

Space Boy

by Joshua Colwell

Quiet Waters

by Lisa Katzenberger

The International

by Olivia Buzzacco


When One Treatment Won’t Do

by Cindy Matthews

Nine Times Out of Ten

by Gena LeBlanc

The Day I Disappeared

by Kayla Jeswald

Dark Matter

by Mark Long

Conches, Comets: A Love Memory

by Michael Berger


The World’s a Stage

by Beesan Odeh

Flying Near Dawn

by James Bohen

Cinder Blocks

by Katarina Boudreaux

Struggle Between Words

by Kayla Jeswald


by Sarah Heffner

Mother’s Day,

An Ode to the Pacific

by Shilo Niehorster