Kelsey Anne Anderson

Featured Photographer

Kelsey Anne Anderson is devoted photographer of Natural Lighting. Born in Youngstown, OH, and raised in New Castle, PA, Kelsey is the second eldest of 4 sisters. She is very active in her home church, as well as in her faith, by being a Senior High Mentor and current Photographer for the First Baptist Church Student Ministries. Kelsey enjoys being with her friends and family, having a great cup of coffee, and photographing just about everything in sight. To see more of her work, you can head on over to her website at

When approached to photograph for Eddie Loves Debbie, she started to brainstorm what kind of photos would best represent Youngstown. Youngstown is a formerly dying city that is starting to revitalize, so she wanted to start out her photos with what most people think of the city: burnt out houses, lives left behind, almost a ghost town kind of feel. Her photos began to transform from lives left behind to a city looking to rebuild, and ending with growth, and prosperity. Youngstown is city that is continuing to grow, and improve, and this is what she aimed to display in these photos.

Most of her inspiration comes from her faith in God, whom she says created such beautiful natural beauty, so why not capture it in a photo for everyone to enjoy? She photographs almost everything she sees but prefers natural lighting photography the most, where she can step out of the studio, outside, and capture life. Her photos are mix of everything, from nature to weddings, and even the occasional senior portrait.