The Opposite of Violet

by Jessica Eddy

A color of morning,
sun rays stretch through
tree limbs, around buildings
into windows, waking eyes.

of freedom,
goldfinch flutter, feathers bright,
wings stretched wide.
sing songs while clinging to cat­tails.

of innocence,
an infant’s flaxen cotton warmth;
protection. tucked in tightly,
dreaming of peace and potential.

of endurance,
dandelion hill; germinate, grow.
overtake the grass and dominate.
pursue life; never fragile, never frail.

of rejuvenation,
fruit juice blends with water.
perfect solution to summertime heat.
sour and sweet. trickle down the throat.

of energy,
Telephone wires along streets. in houses;
Electric in the walls, hum and buzz.
a flash of static in the clouds, then thunder

of curiosity,
a glow in the void of darkness.
follow the feline’s eyes; dilate, contract.
watch the seamless stare.

…a color of creativity,
light bulb cast into the room;
alter the white walls to rust
and let the poet think of your hue.

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Jessica Eddy is a student at Youngtown State University and will graduate in Spring 2013 with a BA in English and a music minor. She writes best with her cockatiel, Peitri, on her shoulder. This is her first publication.