When We Visit Your Parents

When We Visit Your Parents

by Jack Shelton Boyle

—and we sit outside on the porch swing
and they have their Camels and coffee,
when we have on our flannel shirts
and we look messy because we don’t look like them,
and after we eat their meatloaf,
and your dad’s hair is neat and white
and he clears his throat after reading the newspaper,
after I look at your mom’s collection of Peanuts figurines,

when they look over the tops of their glasses
and ask what I’m going to do with my life—

don’t worry,
they’re just old

and they envy
our bodies.

Jack Shelton Boyle is the graduate fellow at the Wick Poetry Center at KSU and a student in the NEOMFA in fiction. He plays in the Youngstown-based band, Third Class.

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