Meet Me at the Trio in C-Minor (Opus posthumous)

Meet Me at the Trio in C-Minor (Opus posthumous)

For Lorri

by Mary Rucker

When I am dead, I shall speak to you in the tongues
Of Brahms, Ravel, Rachmaninov and Bach.
You will know me by the beauty of my sorrow and the glorious abandonment of artifice-
You will sense the things I wished to be: my grace, my wisdom, my sureness, my purity of
vision and my latent joy in living.
You will know my spirit, my secrets and my love; you will laugh the laughter of the little things,
and find the comfort of the earth. You will resonate with that which was noble and to which I
aspired in my very expiration.

But should you want to talk with me, meet me at the Trio in c minor.
There we’ll talk the Big Talk over coffee and smoke and watch our spirits rise together making
world a better word.

I will suggest in cello tones an idea long held dear and you will counter from the violin that “that
is true, but…” and add some further deepening of understood meanderings,
And then I will react somewhere in the depths of the piano and you will laugh the cello line and
remind me that I “always say that when such and such occurs.”

Around and round and up and down and fleeting thoughts and cherished dreams and all that life
and friendship have to share we will. And then we change our tone and speak of reverence and
irreverence, until your dimension calls you back, with the promise that we will meet again,
Perhaps at that new duet in B Flat next time:
Late at night.
Drink in Hand.
Solace sought,
Good times found.
Pithy Pythagorean Pantheon of Paradisum (say that!)
All is resonation:
In the frequencies of mind and spirit
We can always meet.
For I’ll be waiting.

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