Featured Artist: Tony Nicholas

Artist’s Statement:

First, I would like to thank everyone involved with JENNY for this opportunity to be a part of this fall issue.

If the range of work that I create has a connection that runs through it, it is “process.” It is an approach to working which offers no solutions or judgments. Its importance is in the act of creating, embracing the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

True works of prominence come first from discipline and second from visualization. It isn’t the subjects that counts but what you feel about it. The act of photographing is not executed by looking for meaning or intent in every image; intentions can change in an instant. What matters is the joy in the act of creating. My process is one of inclusion. Photographing is in a sense a gathering of raw material, where anything and everything is a viable source.

There are those that think that the ability to make exciting, thought-provoking images must be somewhere far away in some exotic location. Don’t misunderstand: traveling to new places witha camera is a real joy, but for me the stuff we are surrounded by daily (the commonplace) is an endless source of material and at times can speak volumes about the times we live in, how we move through our time and deal with all that life throws at us. Through the medium of photography, I have had many interesting experiences and met some inspiring people. Photography continues to teach me that it is a beautiful form of communication.

-Tony Nicholas

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