Schooners on the Golden Dawn

Schooners on the Golden Dawn

by Anthony D. Mitzell

I can still see those sunrise schooners in the Golden Dawn
Sometimes snow covers the rust and leaves
A city fresh canvas blank
To visualize something
More appealing
Than what is
Paradigm shift
The next chapter
With help will be written
From those who were there
And those that are waiting at 5:30 am
In the early hours of the morning listening
The local jazz program feeds the ears while you wait
In front of the Golden Dawn before sunrise makes its entrance

Anthony was born raised and educated in and around Youngstown, Ohio and is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators at the University of Bologna at Forli’, Italy where he teaches English language/linguistics, U.S. and Italian American, literature and culture. Some of his new poems will be published in the Italian journal Tratti (forthcoming) in both English and Italian.

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