Issue 003, Fall 2011

Issue 003, Fall 2011

forewords from the student literary arts association



– Couri Johnson

Brandy Has My Eyes

– James Hain

He Never Loved You

– Dave Newman

His Only Nose

– Richard Bowes


Pack It
My Brother Describes His Death
Yellow Star Child

– Pam Anderson

Calabi-Yau Manifolds

– Salvatore Attardo

When We Visit Your Parents

– Jack Shelton Boyle

Role Model
Pleasant View Cemetery
Open Mic

– Roger Craik


– Cecily Laurr

I Suspect You Can Feel It

– Katrina Pelow

Kitchen Chairs

– Judi Schepka

The Day Igor Stravinsky Got Busted

– Richard Hahn


– Rebecca Nieminen Sloan

This Faint Impression

– Drew Wade

Meet Me at the Trio in C Minor

– Mary Rucker

Schooners on the Golden Dawn

– Anthony D. Mitzel


Featured Artist:

Tony Nicholas

“My process is one of inclusion. Photographing is in a sense a gathering of raw material, where anything and everything is a viable source.”
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Featured Author:

James Rhodes

“The relationship between boxing, race, and class . . . the three are inseparable, really. It’s such an entwined story. And I think that’s one of the things that make it kind of hard to write about in a way, but that also makes it so fascinating.”
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