Jenny: Issue 001, Fall 2010

-Forewords from the Youngstown State Student Literary Arts Association

Issue #001: Staff


A Moment with William Greenway
A Moment with Sherry Linkon

Featured photographer:

Communing with the Past: Photographs by Sean Posey


“The Punter” – Andrew Whitmer
“Smokestacks Like the Arms of Gods” – Ben Burgis
“Black Jack and Sacrifice” – CJ Clayton-Dippolito
“Runt” – Couri Johnson
“Improving on the Formula” – Dave Drogowski
“Dreaming in Flesh” – Matt Lattanzi
“Second Fiddle” – Rebecca Sloan
“The Voyeur of Harper’s Valley” – Daniel Poppke

Creative Nonfiction:

“Wanna Hear a Story?” – Suncica Tatic
“Some Thoughts on Morphine” – Kelly Bancroft
“Laying on of Hands” – Megan Harris
“And the Winner Is” – Rebecca Maher
“Waiting for the Sun to Rise” – Jessica Schmidt


“My Father’s Poetry” – Ben Reese
“Divorce, 1994” – Casey Nichols
“Lucky, I Guess” – Jarod Witkowski
“The Next World War” – Jessica Nash
“Sex Education According to My Mother” – Nin Andrews
“Love Cows” – Vivianne Khouri

“Mason Jars are for Fireflies and Little Girls” and
“Sunday Evenings are for Potatoes and Baked Beans” – Katrina Pelow

“Globe Spinning”
“High School Yearbook”
“Wheel of Fortune” and
“Ray Ann Walker, Saint Rita Church Festival, 1971” – Mindi Kirchner

“Guadalajara Holiday”
“In Time”
“The Bridge”
“Song of the Servants” and
“Braceros” – Robert Miltner

Jenny is a publication of the Student Literary Arts Association at Youngstown State University.

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