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Visit us at the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts

Dear friends,

Please join us this Saturday from 11:00 AM to noon at Debartolo Hall (The Lemon Grove stage) for a Jenny open mic at this year’s YSU Summer Festival of the Arts.

If you would like to participate, please bring a print-out of your best poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. We only ask that you keep your reading to 5 minutes or less, that your piece not feature any graphic content or very foul language (the SFA is an open-air event, and a family friendly one), and that you have fun.

The Summer Festival of the Arts amounts to two days of absolute magic on YSU campus. The event, much like Jenny itself, is designed to “promote the diversity of art here in the Mahoning Valley, [and] equally welcomes regional and national fine and performing arts.” Jenny is honored to be part of this Youngstown tradition, and we hope that you will help us make our hour a special one.

If you have any questions about this event or about Jenny, please forward them to:

This open mic event is made possible by the friendship and support of Jacob Harver and the Lemon Grove Cafe. For more information on the Grove, please visit their official website at:

We wish you a good summer, and as always, the very best in life and in art.

-YSU SLAA (Student Literary Arts Association)